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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Five amazing travel photographs

I was just going through my favorite blogs and found the mention of this Travel Photo contest on Blogadda in association with PringOO, in two of the blogs. That's how I got here.

This is  a photo which I took enroute to Fort Williams, Scotland. It was a breathtaking view to behold.

It was so cold when we reached Edinburgh and cloudy. The buildings looked lovely with the play of light on them

A memorable evening along the river Ness. It was so lovely. The light on the bridge and the tranquility.

This an almost postcard perfect view of the Uruqhart castle

We could have spent the whole day loitering around here. It was so picturesque.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Coral Island - Pattaya

The next day in Pattaya we had booked a tour to the Coral Island. While coming back from the Tiffany show we had booked this tour for 450 Baht per person. The taxi came to pick us up from the hotel at 10:30am.
We were taken to the beach and from there we went in a small boat and later on jumped into a larger boat on our way to the Coral Island. Enroute there was a stop for parasailing 500Baht per person and Ocean floor walking 2500 Baht per person and CD separately. We negotiated for the rate and got it for 6000 Baht for Ocean floor walking for the four of us with the CD included. 

Para Sailing
The ocean floor walking was a new experience. In this they put a helmet on our head which had  compressed air flowing into it through a tube which remains connected to the boat. Its a long tube and the helmet is very heavy and helps to keep us at the  ocean floor. They guide us to the place on the ocean floor where we can see the coral and fish. One by one we reached the ocean floor and spent an appreciable amount of time on the ocean floor. It was something new and novel and kept the adrenaline rushing. Once on the ocean floor which was hardly at  any depth after about five minutes the confidence returned and I became comfortable. Looked around there was some coral. They gave us bread to feed the fishes.

Ocean floor walking
We did some jet skiing as well. That was 1000Baht for 1 hour. It was fun. The sun was relentless and it was quite warm. We had lunch there, it was average stuff. Just relaxed on the beach and had a foot massage. Whilst on the return journey the boats which we used were glass bottomed though it was not possible to see anything very clearly through it. The water was crystal clear at the Coral Island and we had a fun day there.

returning back to Pattaya from the Coral Island. See the beach along the beach road, with all hotels lined up on the other side beyond the beach.



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