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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Reaching the airport, Munich

We headed for the Olympia park but our main focus was a music shop " just music " in that area. Nalin wanted to buy a violin from there.

Last day in Munich, we did some shopping. 
At Karlplatz stachus, a junction of trams.

At Suhag, Indian restaurant, we had a fun evening.

Returning to the apartment in the tram.
We reached the airport through the train & tram, Spending a total of €15. We started at 11.30am took,  the tram till Hauptbanhouf. And then S train to the airport. Reached terminal C, claimed our tax refunds, immigration and boarded the plane at 2pm.

We had a scary moment when we got off at the wrong station. It was the Lufthansa workplace. Luckily we asked one of the staff, and we went back to the station, and caught another train to the next station.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Hofbrauhaus, Munich

We took a three day inner zone ticket to commute in Munich. The tram stop was just in front of the apartments. We took the tram to Hauptbanhouf, the main station and then the required U train from there. The Deutsche Museum was on the tram line only. I persuaded the children to visit this museum but the children did not enjoy there as there were no signages in English. All the exhibits were in German.

We headed towards the famous beer hall of Munich "Hofbrauhaus". It was a huge place with seating for more than 3000 people and it was more noisy than a fish market.

Monday, August 18, 2014

BMW Welt & BMW museum, Munich

It was raining most of the days we were in Munich. We took a taxi from the station to our apartment Citadines Arnulfpark.

It was a nice apartment but not as good as the one we had in Budapest. We went to the BMW welt & museum. The welt was free entry, it was there showroom. The museum was a 12€ ticket for the family.

the football fever was running high. There was a short parade in the welt like the carnival in Rio.
A bridge connects the welt with the museum.

I particularly enjoyed the Rolls Royce exhibition. Especially the part about the interiors and the accessories like the picnic basket.

There are cafes in both the places, the one at the welt seemed to have the better ambience.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Vienna, of Palaces

We had booked a taxi through the net for an early morning drop to the station. We kept a margin of one hour, just in case the taxi was not there.

The train was better, and it was already there when we reached the station. The journey was comfortable and we reached Vienna at 9:25am. Took a taxi to our hotel. The taxi driver was disappointed to see the address of our hotel as it was quite near the station. Hotels were expensive in Vienna. Our hotel was nothing great but done nicely. We kept our luggage in a room there and left to see the city. The receptionist helped us with directions to the nearest metro station. 

Our first stop was St. Stephen's cathedral which had free entry, but we did the catacomb's tour also which was €5 per adult & € 2 per child. 

From there we walked to the Hofburg palace.

The Hofburg palace was mainly the crockery and also the Sisi museum was interesting. From there we sat in a very nice Italian restaurant and had a great meal of Pizza, ravioli etc. The bread was particularly tasty and reminded me of home made bread made  by a dear friend.

The we took the U4 to Schonbrunn U stop and went to see the Schonbrunn palace. It was somewhat similiar to the Hofburg palace. 

Back to the same metro stop and then to Belvedere we just managed the Upper Belvedere. It was a long walk.
Along the way


They allowed photography in the hall outside only. But it was nice to see Gustav Klimt's  " The Kiss"

We were so tired we just took the first tram we saw. And headed back to hotel.

The reception at the hotel.


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