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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Breathtaking New York

We landed in New York, JFK Airport on the 14th of May 2007. Customs was not as difficult as we had been anticipating. My suggestion for anybody traveling to America for the first time would be, not to carry any grains, uncooked vegetables, fruits and esp. no mangoes.
We took a taxi to our hotel The Comfort Inn, Long Island City not really in the heart of things. (It cost us around 50$ for the taxi and some more for the gratuity). Hotels in New York are very expensive and its best to plan well in advance, so that you can get a good deal through the internet. All hotels all over USA can be compared on the tripadvisor site. This hotel, which we found our way to, with not much difficulty, had been chosen because of its proximity to Queensboro subway station,,just walking distance. It was bed and breakfast, free wifi access in rooms, which proved to be a boon as none of our phones worked BSNL and Airtel, for both we had got roaming activated in India!!. The room was small but clean and had two queen beds. Bathroom or maybe I should say Restroom was nice.

After freshening up we went out and bought a calling card and contacted home. Subway was 2$ for each of us from point A to point B and return. We took tickets for Times Square. The Subway station was very old and sort of tacky with two floors of trains passing through and rocking the place.
We got off at Times Square and lo and behold!! it was a fantastic sight, standing there and not knowing where to look and what to see। Hello America!

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