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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Budapest of Baths, Squares and Piers

We had breakfast at our apartment with the full fledged kitchen. After a long debate as to how to start the day we decided to the Szeneychi baths first. We had already purchased one cabin and three locker tickets at 5% discount from the reception yesterday. The cost was 16000HUF, the towels rent was 700HUF for 3 towels. We again purchased the family day metro card and reached the baths. The cabin room was at the ground floor and all four of us could use it. We went to both the heated pools one by one. It was great to lie in the warm water. With great difficulty I persuaded them to one out of the water at 12noon. 

Outside the baths we had some snacks from a vendor. Bread with cream and cheese. Coke potato wedges, some sandwiches.
Then we walked towards the Heroes square.

Then we walked down the Andrassy avenue towards the House of Terror. Though they were great exhibitions, but not in English and mainly concerning the history of Hungary we could have given it a miss. We were looking for a book cafe, which we did not find, meanwhile Soumya realized that she had dropped her jacket in the House of terror. My phone got discharged, which was a big setback as we were mainly navigating with my phone through trip advisor's city guide, which did not need an Internet connection. Walking on Andrassy avenue was lovely almost like the Champs Élysées in Paris, but we were all tired, so we took the metro back to the apartment. The apartment we had in Budapest was the best accomodation so far. It was almost as big as home. After resting for a while we again ventured out and decided to do some shopping too. We bought some ties from Kaczan ties, did a bit of souvenir shopping, then decided to go to castle hill.
As we were dead tired we decided to take a taxi.

He dropped us at castle hill. There were very few shops which were open. We sat in a cafe.  
Debated about going to Mathias Church. It seemed along walk, but we decided to go and it was well worth it. The Fisherman's Bastion was especially great and not at all to be missed.

The Fisherman's Bastion

The view from Fisherman's Bastion

The Mathias Church

The Buda Castle

The Mathias church was also worth visiting and the choir was singing in the church. A gentleman atthe door told us that if you go inside the church then you must stay till the end. After leaving the church, we decided to go down using the funicular, which was a waste as the tickets had to be bought separately and they were not included in the day pass.

 At the bottom of the Funicular.
Then we took the bus to Deak Ferenc ter and the metro from there

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