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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Reaching the airport, Munich

We headed for the Olympia park but our main focus was a music shop " just music " in that area. Nalin wanted to buy a violin from there.

Last day in Munich, we did some shopping. 
At Karlplatz stachus, a junction of trams.

At Suhag, Indian restaurant, we had a fun evening.

Returning to the apartment in the tram.
We reached the airport through the train & tram, Spending a total of €15. We started at 11.30am took,  the tram till Hauptbanhouf. And then S train to the airport. Reached terminal C, claimed our tax refunds, immigration and boarded the plane at 2pm.

We had a scary moment when we got off at the wrong station. It was the Lufthansa workplace. Luckily we asked one of the staff, and we went back to the station, and caught another train to the next station.

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