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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Claustrophilia - the Room Escape Game in Budapest

We reached our hotel and put our luggage in the room next to the reception. We would only get our room at 2pm. Meanwhile we had to reach by 11:30am to the venue of our Room Escape game "claustrophilia",which we had booked on internet, while planning the trip in India. Payment was to be made after the game. With the help of the Trip Advisor City Guide on my phone, we were able to find our way in Budapest and reach the building which housed Claustrophilia.

A dental clinic on the way to the metro station

We walked from our hotel to Deak ferenc ter, the main metro station and bought a family card for 3300  HUF. We reached the building where the room escape game was to be played 10minutes before time, and spoke to a lady at no 10.on speaker phone. The door was open for us and when we went inside and shut the door we were locked inside and had to search for clues and with their help locate the key to the door and hence escape from the locked room. It was one fun filled hour, we did not know when the time passed, it was an interesting game, full of surprises. We were being watched on CCTV and the lady concerned gave us hints at two major places, we were able to get out of the room in 1hr and 5mins. It was a great fun activity for us as a team and as a family. The cost was 5000 forins.

Then we went to The Dohany street Synagogue which was just nearby, world's second largest synagogue, the first being The Dohany street Synagogue in New York. We took a ticket for the synagogue and museum both and both were guided english tours.

       The tree of life at the Synagogue.

After that we made our way back via the metro to our apartment.

The Gozsdu court apartments were really comfortable. In the evening we had booked a dinner & show cruise on the Danube from 8pm. We planned to reach there at least half an hour before time. The operettaship left from pier 8A. We crossed three ships to reach our ship. We had a really wonderful evening that day. The cost was 39000 HUF.

At the metro station

The dinner was great, the ambience good. And performance was excellent. The view was simply amazing.

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