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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Genting- First world Hotel- Reception area looked like a railway platform

We had been strongly recommended to visit Genting Highlands for the theme parks so we planned to stay there on the 1st of January 2009 for one day. When we reached First world hotel, by the cable car, we were shocked to find that the reception area looked like Railway platform. It was so crowded with many people waiting patiently and icecream and candy vendors. We had a long 4hr waiting period for checking in, that, when we had made a confirmed paid booking through internet!! We were shocked and dismayed. Maybe it being a public holiday contributed to the mass public inflow to Genting. Moral-- STAY AWAY FROM GENTING ON A PUBLIC HOLIDAY!! By luck we got our room earlier otherwise we were supposed to leave our luggage in a baggage room and proceed to the theme park.
We took a combined ticket for indoor and outdoor theme parks. The parks esp the indoor one was open till 2:00AM.
I enjoyed the roller coaster but we had to separately purchase tickets for that. Our family of four got separated in two groups in the outdoor theme park due to some misunderstanding and we lost almost 4 hours looking for each other and we were literally in tears, when we found each other. IN GENTING STICK TOGETHER!

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