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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A road trip to CorbettPark and Naukuchiyatal from Lucknow

We took a road trip to Corbett Park and Naukuchiyatal from Lucknow during Holi. We started on the 9th of March '09. We started early at 5:30am with Pankaj, Divya and kids from Lucknow. We had the day's food with us. As usual the National Highway 24 which has major stops at every approx 80 kms--Sitapur, Shahjahanpur and Barielly.
We had bought a pair of walkie talkies from Penang, Malaysia and they were put to good use with two cars going in line we could communicate with each other with them, without having to use our mobiles.
Another thing which was of great use was the special cloth which Shaleen had got from Big Bazaar with the help of which you can put almost anything on the dashboard without it sliiping off even when the car would turn acutely. This cloth he had seen the cab drivers in Singapore use.
FM radio was available till Shahjahanpur from Lucknow, so we had latest music available to us without effort. We used the HP pumps for refuelling and washroom facilities. From Barielly we went to Moradabad as Pankaj and family were planning to stay there for the night as Sanjay and Moushmi's guests.
After having a delicious lunch at Moushmi's house, we left to meet my friend Minoo. From her house it took us around 2and a quarter hours, to reach the Corbett Hideway, where we were staying as Club Mahindra guests.
We liked the room and the resort was good. We tried the food at Jim's Grill it was great.

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