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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Lake Resort - Naukuchiatal

From The Lakeside resort, Naukuchiatal

From The Lakeside resort, Naukuchiatal

When we were at Naukuchiatal we stayed at Dancing waters, Club Mahindra's resort. It has well appointed rooms, but the it seems more like staying in a hotel, than a resort. We spent most of our second day at The lake side resort which is nearby. It is just at the lake and one can go boating from the resort itself or just walk under the trees and enjoy the feel of the lake. When I had first seen this lake side resort I had been absolutely enamoured by it. This time round the location was unbeatable and the staff very friendly but the resort seemed lacking in upkeep.
In the afternoon we lounged about in front of the lake enjoying tea and excellent cheese chilly toasts while the children went for paddle boating yet again. We decided to return to lakeside resort for dinner later.
From The Lakeside resort, Naukuchiatal

As we entered the premises of the resort later in the day it seemed quite deserted and if we had been alone we may not have ventured there, in the dark. We had already placed our order in the restaurant. We initially decided to sit outside but changed our minds because of the cold breeze. The food was great and we had a great last evening together.

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