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Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Wild Crest

We stayed for two days at the Wild crest resort, Corbett park. Dr. Sanjay Singh helped us in getting the reservations. The resort was a homely place, our car could go right upto our room. As on a road trip we tend to keep a lot of loose luggage and eatables and we had the car fridge with us is was easy to get all the luggage inside.
The resort had a swimming pool also and had made arrangements for holi celebrations on the 11th of March. Holi was celebrated with great zeal by the resort's foreign guests while we were happy to be just onlookers. The whole purpose of going out on holi was to escape the colour etc. as was rightly pointed out by Divya.
We walked upto the river from alongside the resort. The next day we took an early morning safari though we just saw some deers, hens and peacocks and of course the ubiquitous tiger's paw prints, but no tiger.

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