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Friday, July 19, 2013

Segovia - one of Spain's most bike friendly cities

Segovia was a day trip from Madrid. It had been a difficult choice between Toledo or Segovia. After reading several reviews on tripadvisor, I decided that Segovia would be the more picturesque of the two. Segovia is one of Spain's most bike friendly cities. As we had got down from the bus, there had been several cyclists just getting ready for a race. We tried to take bikes on rent but could not manage it. As we walked back to the area where we were supposed to catch the bus. It was fun to loiter around on a Sunday afternoon. Sometimes just lying down under the trees, having more of the wonderful cherries, buying souvenirs from the local shops, catching a bite to eat.

Entrance to the cathedral

                                                                                                                            on the other side of the aqueduct                                             Plaza Mayor Segovia

Just near the Plaza Mayor in Segovia was a patisserie Limon y Menta, where we bought the Segovian speciality ponche segoviano a rich lemon infused sponge cake coated with marzipan and topped in icing sugar.
We were back in Madrid around 2pm, but we had missed the bus to the station and had to take a taxi.

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