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Monday, July 14, 2014

1st day in Prague

We were dropped outside the station by the IC bus 375. From there we took a taxi to our hotel 'Residence Leon d Oro' in the old town area. It was on a pedestrian area so the taxi had to stop a few meters away. Shaleen used the ATM to get the local currency Czech Korunas(1 Czech Koruna is worth Rs.3/-). The hotel checking in was smooth with Barbara at the desk. We asked her how to reach the National Opera Theatre, "Narodini divadlo" as we had tickets for the opera at 6o'clock. She said it was best to go on foot, would take 10 mins.
So all of us got ready really fast and put on our formal clothes for the opera. We were around 5 mins late. It had already started and our tickets were for the upper balcony, so we had to climb a lot of stairs, running up in heels for me.Our seats were right in the back but we still got the full view of the stage.
We watched Enchantia. All of us liked the opera. There was a live orchestra playing. It was easy to follow the dialogues with the help of subtitles, which were being displayed at the top.

From there we walked along the Vltava river to the Charles bridge on the way we bought water,which we could have avoided, as here the water in the hotel taps was drinking water, unlike in Krakow.

In the setting sun the whole city was glittering gold.
We walked down at the other end of the bridge and there was a sort of no. Stall of eateries. Shaleen and Nalin decided to eat something from there while Soumya and me walked a little way further off to the park.
Then we walked back to the old town square to the astronomical clock. Every hour, by the hour, a large crowd gathers in front of the clock, to see the parade of the twelve apostles.

We sat down outside at a restaurant at the square. The white horse.

They had heaters switched on, which made me more comfortable as the night air was chilly.

Salmon with potatoes
Goulash soup which was served in a bowl of bread.

Consommé soup. And pasta. The food was good. And two drinks
The cost of the meal was around Rs. 3000/-

After that we walked back to our hotel. The hotel had a lovely open to air terrace on the sixth floor, room no. 505. The view of the city was good.

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